VCinema Book Contributions – World Film Locations: Tokyo

It should not be news to anyone that Tokyo, with its burgeoning cityscape,  has remained one of the most photogenic cities in modern cinematic history.  World Film Locations: Tokyo, a volume that both John Berra and I (as well as VCinema blog contributors Marc Saint-Cyr, Matthew Hardstaff, and Eric Evans) contributed to is part travel guide, part cultural diary, and part film book.  The World Film Locations series (of which there are three others covering London, Los Angeles, and New York) uses various famous film locations in each city as a talking point from which its author will reveal aspects of the culture, lifestyles, and politics of people living in those cities.

My personal contributions to this book included an introductory essay on Tokyo as portrayed in film as well as individual essays on the films Lost in Translation (2003), Kill Bill Volume One (2003), Densha Otoko (aka Train Man, 2005), and Hachiko Monogatari (aka The Story of Hachiko, 1987).

World Film Locations Tokyo is scheduled for a July 2011 release, but you can pre-order the book on Amazon (U.S. | Canada | UK) now.