PODCAST: VCinema Guest Hosts on Podcast Without Honor and Humanity

In my mission to guest host on all of the Asian film podcasts around the globe, I stopped by the newest of us, Podcast Without Honor and Humanity (say that ten times fast), and sat down with host Jake McHugeLarge for a little film discussion.

In this episode, we talk about two different films from two different eras from two countries that share more with each other than they’d care to admit, Japan’s 1968 sci-fi flick Goke, Bodysnatcher From Hell (left) and Korea’s 2010 revenge-drama Bedevilled (right).  There are many highlights in this episode, the highest (pun intended) of them being my paralleling Bedevilled with Sidney Lumet’s Serpico (1973).  Saaaay whaaat?!  You’ll just have to tune into this episode and try to get a cut of my jib on this one.

This episode is available via direct download on Podcast Without Honor and Humanity’s site and their iTunes feed.

Also, remember to check out my appearance on Podcast On Fire earlier this week.  And, if you REALLY haven’t had enough of me, the latest episode of The VCinema Show is due out next Thursday.