Episode 12: The City of Violence

Welcome back, VC fans!  While we’ve been busy lately putting out all of our exclusive Shinsedai bonus content, we were able to regroup for our first ‘regular’ episode in over a month!  In this episode, we discuss The City of Violence, a 2006 actioneer from South Korea directed by Seung-Wan Ryoo.  Also included in this episode are shorter discussions of Inception (2010, dir: Christopher Nolan), Yatterman (2009, dir: Takashi Miike), Survival Quest (1989, dir: Don Coscarelli), Night and the City (1950, dir: Jules Dassin)  a redux talk about A Serbian Film (2010, dir: Srdjan Spasojevic), and much more.

Also included in this episode is an announcement of the winner of our Facebook contest, discussion about the direction of the show including some really exciting changes that we will be making as early as next episode.

Directly download this episode here.