Call for Papers – The Korean Television Reader


Despite the large interest in Korean television among academics and fans, studies of Korean television content in Anglo-speaking countries have seen limited publication. This is a call for papers related to Korean television for a co-edited anthology, which combines approaches to television from Media and Area studies perspectives. The editors are interested in an interdisciplinary discussion of television programs that address the wide range of novel approaches to interrelated media spheres.

Programs intended for broadcast on Korean television reach a much broader audience than the national broadcast audience through a variety of media streams, and are rich topics for the study of intermediality, transnational consumption, diaspora communities, and language acquisition. How do Korean television programs mediate visual/textual/linguistic/national regimes to create new meaning? Methodological approaches that integrate production culture studies to engage more than just the text (or even no text) are welcome. Textual analyses of overlooked narratives are also welcome.

The editors seek English-language papers that have not been previously published which are related (but not limited) to the following:

  • Serialized Korean dramas
  • Unscripted/variety/reality/talk show (yenung) television programs
  • New media TV (internet broadcasting, global streaming, e.g. Netflix, Viki, KBSWorld via YouTube, etc.)
  • Social media entertainment
  • Livestreaming content (via Instagram, DaumTV, KakaoTV, VLive, etc.)
  • Television formats (imported or exported)
  • Co-productions (Korea + ?)
  • Fan engagement through television
  • Globalization of Korean television
  • Television audience studies

Korean-language papers will be considered and translated to English by the editors if they are accepted.

Submission Guidelines & Deadline:

  • Submissions should be a minimum of 6,000 words and a maximum of 10,000 words including footnotes.
  • Please submit a title page that includes your name, institution, an abstract (250 words) and a short bio (150 words).
  • Submissions must be in Microsoft Word and cited in the Chicago Manual of Style format (17th edition).
  • Romanization of Korean words should be in McCune-Reischauer with the exception of personal names.
  • Submit all materials to editor Grace Jung ( by Saturday, March 31, 2018.
  • Upon review, the editors will respond with their decision by June 30, 2018.