Bonus Episode 12: New York Asian Film Festival Special

In this New York Asian Film Festival 2012 special episode, VCinema Show co-host Dr. Stan Glick (aka “Stoonie Gee”) had the opportunity to sit down  and talk with Hong Kong filmmaker Pang Ho-cheung and Taiwanese filmmakers Giddens Ko and Michelle Chen.  Best known for darkly humorous films such as Dream Home and A.V., Pang talks to Stan about Vulgaria, his latest and the festival’s opening film.  Ko and Chen, director and star of You Are the Apple of My Eye, talk about their film, which has earned accolades across Asia and earned Chen the festival’s “Rising Star” award.

(Editor’s note: please note that, in the intro to this episode, I erroneously state that Ko and Chen are “Hong Kong filmmakers”.  The two are, in fact, from Taiwan as I later imply when I talk about the film.  As a person who has family from both Hong Kong and Taiwan, I apologize to the filmmakers for the slip of tongue.) 


Direct link: New York Asian Film Festival special

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