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Yoji Yamada taking on homage to Ozu’s “Tokyo Story”

For those who missed it earlier this week, Shochiku announced that Yoji Yamada (Kabei: Our Mother (2008), The Twilight Samurai (2002)) is leading the charge on a homage to one of the late Yasujiro Ozu’s most beloved films, the melodrama classic Tokyo Story (1953).  A well beloved film, this will be an ambitious project for Yamada who is coming off of another “remake” with his take on Kon Ichikawa’s original Younger Brother (1960).

Tokyo Story is a melodrama revolving around an elderly couple and the relationships that they have with their children and grandchildren who are directly affected by war.  There’s no news about just how much of the original will be found in Yamada’s film, nor any news on casting or a exact title.  The only thing that seems certain is that it will be filmed between April and June and should make it to theaters in 2012.

Yamada is also going to be directing a stage adaptation of the famed Ozu film at Tokyo’s Mitsukoshi Theater sometime next year. If you haven’t seen it yet, Tokyo Story is also available to watch via Netflix’s Instant Watch streaming video service.

Sources: The Toronto J-Film Pow Wow

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