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Win Tickets to See GOKE: BODY SNATCHER FROM HELL at the New York Asian Film Festival [NYAFF 2012]

I fondly remember Goke, Body Snatcher From Hell, throughout the VHS days (when it was simply known as Body Snatchers from Hell, see left), as one of those highly truly cult Japanese sci-fi/horror titles.  Vampirism, paranoia, nihilism, imaginative effects, overacting, and a color palette that would bring a grin to Mario Bava’s lips, Goke (rhymes with “O.K.”) is a mix of sci-fi film elements from two classic eras, the technicolor bombast of the ’60s and the political headiness of the ’70s.  No surprise that the film was produced in 1968 and no surprise that it gathered the following that it did.  In the end, rabid fans would end up having to wait for years to see the film uncut and subtitled (admittedly though, the cut and dubbed version was also quite a hoot).

Now, you can check out a rare midnight screening of the uncut film in a theater full of similarly rabid NYAFF fans (and, we can confirm that NYAFF crowds get rowdy!). Subway Cinema, the folks who run the festival, have two pairs of tickets to give away to lucky VCinema readers/listeners to see the film at midnight on June 30th, 2012 at the Film Society of Lincoln Center.

Want to win them?!  Of course you do!  For a chance to get a pair, answer the following question:

Which of the following film directors ‘borrowed’ (reproduced, whatever…) a scene from Goke, Body Snatcher From Hell?

A) Orson Welles

B) Terrence Malick

C) McG

D) Quentin Tarantino

Got the answer?  Email it along with your full name to with the subject line “Protect Ya Neck!” by Wednesday, June 27th, 2012, midnight PST.  Two randomly drawn correct entrants will win.  By the way, check out Colleen’s review to hear her take on the film!  Also, if you need to purchase tickets, go to the Film Society at Lincoln Center webpage.

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  1. Bunta
    21 June, 2012

    Good flick.  Haven’t seen in a while.  Midnight screenings are for youngin’s though.  The question isn’t very difficult, but then again, why should it.

    • Coffin_Jon
      24 June, 2012

       I hear you on the midnight screenings!  The last time I went to one was LADY TERMINATOR and I could barely stay awake.

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