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VCinema to Participate in Korean Cinema Blogathon 2011

It seems like only yesterday that the Japanese Film Blogathon ended (it wasn’t, so we’re not using that old gag), so for those of you who like the deluge of reviews and posts that came from the blogathon will be happy to learn that, from March 7th to the 13th, we will be participating in the first Korean Film Blogathon, a project between VCinema podcast host Rufus and Martin over at our affiliate, New Korean Cinema.  Much like during the Japanese Film Blogathon, you can expect to see plenty of Korean film reviews and features from our regular contributors here.

We will also record a special Korean Film Blogathon episode which will be released at the tail end of the event, on March 14th.  This episode will feature a discussion of Kim Ki-Young’s classic thriller/melodrama The Housemaid (1960) and Im Sang-Soo’s 2010 reimagining (which contributor Eric Evans reviewed here).  In addition, this episode will have a special guest reviewer, Adam Hartzell, who is a long-time contributor at, the preeminent Korean film site.

So, starting on March 7th, look out for oncoming rush of Korean film coverage here and at other participating sites.  For full details of the event, go here.  There’s also a Facebook group for the event here.  감사합니다!

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