VCinema Talks Battles Without Honor and Humanity With the Projection Booth

Reunited and it feels so good!

If you liked the odd grouping of Mike and Rob of the Projection Booth, translator and film subtitler Linda Hoaglund, and me talking about Kinji Fukasaku’s 2000 film Battle Royale back on episode 61 of their show (which is here, by the way), then, boy, do I have a treat for you!  The same crew that got together for that show is back together to talk about ANOTHER Fukasaku classic, the first installment of his seminal yakuza series Battles Without Honor and Humanity.

I really enjoyed recording this because the Battles series offers far more than the typical thuggish yelling and screaming yakuza flick, thus there is much more to talk about.  A funny note: I somehow managed to completely screw up and misattribute The Godfather to Martin Scorsese (which is, thank God, not actually on the recording, but will probably end up on a Projection Booth bloopers reel at some later date).  Enjoy!

This episode can be downloaded on The Projection Booth’s website here as well as iTunes, Stitcher Radio, and other places you can find podcasts.