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Jon Jung (aka “Coffin Jon”) is the producer and host of the VCinema podcast and editor-in-chief of the VCinema blog. He contributed several essays to World Film Locations: Tokyo (Intellect, 2011). Jon lives in San Francisco, but wishes he was back in Japan where he lived for seven years.

VCinema Site Redesign!

While New Year’s is just in the visible distance for everyone, we at VCinema are already ringing in a new year with a redesign and new direction for VCinema.  The first of these new directions is, as may be plainly visible, a site redesign.  We’ve been talking about redesigning our site on our podcast The VCinema Show, so much so that it started to become an inside joke between Josh and me.  For a while, correspondence between us invariably started with “I have a question about/problem with/idea for the site” as well as countless tennis match-like “I changed this.  What do you think?” exchanges between us.  However, while there were several changes in design philosophies, revisions and re-revisions of the final theme (which is the one you’re looking at now), and many bugs squashed, the final result is what we hope will be a relatively clean, easy-on-the eye reading experience for you (and, if it’s not or if you’d like to see something added, let us know –  With the preliminaries of the site design finished, there are still a lot of changes that will be made to the back end including adding more page shortcuts so certain kinds of articles (such as features) can be found more easily and little tweaks to tags and categories.  Many of these changes will not be immediate and will, in fact, depend on the future content on the site.

And, speaking of content, VCinema has not only gone through a design overhaul, but we’re also widening our coverage from Asian film to other topics related to Asia: society, food, culture, other forms of entertainment (books, music, games, etc.).  If you’ve already listened to the last couple of episodes of our now-monthly podcast The VCinema Show then you should have a rough idea of what kind of content to expect.  Now, this doesn’t mean that we will abandoning film because that topic will always be part of VCinema’s core (plus, frankly, if we abandoned talking about film, then our writers would probably abandon VCinema!), but rather the greater range of topics presented here will help bring more background to what is on the big screen.  You may have noticed features such as “The VCinema Diaries” and “The Celluloid Traveler” in the past – these are good examples of the direction in which we’d like to move VCinema.

Another new thing that we are hoping to add to VCinema is you!  Well, those of you who are interested, anyhow.  VCinema has always been open to contributions within a small pool of friends, but we are now opening the offer to everyone!  So, if you have a story to tell on our site or podcast, let us know and we’ll help you get it told.  In the coming days, we will have a contributor’s page up with details, but if you want to get in touch with us now, contact us at

For everyone else, stay tuned because we have a lot for you to check out in the coming days and weeks!

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