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VCinema Guest Hosts On Podcast On Fire – Mamoru Oshii Double Feature, Part Deux

Proof positive that it’s possible to record too many podcasts, I guest hosted the second volume of the Podcast On Fire Network’s look at the films of Mamoru Oshii and its release somehow slipped under my radar.  So, here we go, host Kenneth and I share our thoughts on Oshii’s 1987 live action film The Red Spectacles and 1989’s Patlabor: The Movie, the first full-length film of this long-standing animated mecha series.  To be honest, as we recorded this several weeks ago, I don’t remember much about the recording.  I probably said something stupid, and maybe (with low odds) even something brilliant.   Either way, you will want to give this episode a listen just to hear me break out the old disclaimer “you know, I’m not the biggest anime fan, but…” a few dozen times.  In all seriousness, this is a good episode to hear both of start reaching our stride on cracking the egg that is Mamoru Oshii.  Part three will be out in a few more weeks, but for now…

Download this episode from Podcast On Fire here or iTunes.  The first in this series can also be downloaded here or iTunes.

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