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Jon Jung (aka “Coffin Jon”) is the producer and host of the VCinema podcast and editor-in-chief of the VCinema blog. He contributed several essays to World Film Locations: Tokyo (Intellect, 2011). Jon lives in San Francisco, but wishes he was back in Japan where he lived for seven years.

PODCAST: VCinema Guest Hosts on Podcast on Fire AGAIN

The VCinema Show, our flagship podcast, is taking a break this month, but to be honest I got the podcasting DTs and wanted to get back on air to BS about films and make believe that people are clinging on to my every word.  Luckily for me, Ken and Stoo, the guys over at Podcast on Fire, gave me a shot of podcasting methadone and allowed me to do just that on their own show.  In this episode, which is available for download on the Podcast on Fire Network site or from their subscription feed on iTunes, I was asked to talk about Masahiro Shinoda’s 1964 yakuza-noir film Pale Flower, recently released by Criterion in North America.  This is a pretty long, in-depth and probably not entirely accurate discussion of the film.  The appearance as a whole, however, was tons of fun.

I also talk briefly about Kon Ichikawa’s Princess From the Moon (1987), another Criterion-related project, amongst other talk and banter amongst the three of us.

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