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Jon Jung (aka “Coffin Jon”) is the producer and host of the VCinema podcast and editor-in-chief of the VCinema blog. He contributed several essays to World Film Locations: Tokyo (Intellect, 2011). Jon lives in San Francisco, but wishes he was back in Japan where he lived for seven years.

VCinema Fans Rally For Japan Quake Relief

The tally is in for the Japan quake relief donation rally in which $1 was donated for each download of the last episode of our podcast between March 14th and the 28th!  I’m happy to report that, all together, we raised $270 on the nose.  I want to first thank all two hundred and seventy downloaders for helping raise as much for the cause.  It’s important to note that this donation is not being made on behalf of VCinema, but Asian film fans around the world who wanted to help, even if just a little, a country who has provided the world with some of the finest cinema in history.  This is in addition to those of us who have close friends and family who have been, and are still being, affected by the quake and tsunami.  Secondly, I want to thank Chris over at the Toronto J-Film Powwow for getting out the initial donation push out to the various Asian cinema blogs, sites, and podcasts, Jason Gray at Screen International for finding a benefactor for donations, and VCinema co-host Rufus for putting up half of the funds for the rally.

Speaking of benefactors, as some of you may already know, funds for this donation rally will be donated to the Japan Society of New York Japan Earthquake Relief Fund who have pledged 100% of donated funds to aid and assistance of those affected by the quake.  If you wish to make an individual donation to their fund, then follow the link posted above for instructions on how to do so.  And, of course, there are other organizations who are helping with the relief effort whom donations to are suggested: Doctors Without Borders, Red Cross, and Global Giving being but a few of them.

Whichever way that you have given or will give, again, VCinema thanks you for the continuing effort to help in the relief effort.

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