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VCinema Call for Contributors


VCinema is currently seeking new writers to expand our team of enthusiastic contributors. Although our primary focus is movies, we are interested in all aspects of Asian popular culture and have previously covered books (academic and fiction), special events, and tourism. As we are widening our scope, pieces on such related areas as comic books, fashion, music, television, and video games are most welcome. We also offer our writers the chance to cover such exciting events as the Asia House Film Festival, Chinese Visual Festival, the Five Flavours Film Festival, JAPAN CUTS: Festival of New Japanese Film, the New York Asian Film Festival, Toronto Reel Asian International Film Festival.

If you are interested in writing for VCinema, you should:

  • Be passionate about Asian film and culture
  • Be open to working with an editor to help improve the weaker spots in your writing
  • Be able to specialise in a particular region or aspect of Asian cinema (e.g. – Anime, Asian documentary, J-Horror, Korean blockbusters, martial arts), or review titles across a range of territories/genres if your taste is particularly eclectic
  • Be able to deliver your writing on a regular basis and in a timely manner
  • Be able to write reviews of around 650-750 words or features/think pieces of around 1,000 words in order to deliver the required context, depth, and clearly argued criticism
  • Be open to covering events in your area (e.g. – conventions, festivals, retrospectives)
  • Be communicative and willing to share ideas that will help make VCinema a better site that can grow with its readership

Please note that we currently do not currently pay writers. VCinema is not a revenue-generating site and each staffer contributes out of a shared enthusiasm for Asian cinema. However, our content policy is always open-minded so this may be the ideal opportunity to develop your style and profile by covering whatever aspect of Asian media culture is of particular interest to you.

Inquiries can be sent to VCinema co-editor-in-chief John Berra at

Please attach a writing sample or provide a link to an existing blog/website.

We’re looking forward to hearing from you!

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