VCinema Brings Ninjas to the Big Screen in San Francisco

During the last couple of episodes,  I’ve mentioned plans for VCinema to host a movie event here in our city of operations, San Francisco.  Well, those plans have finally come to fruition and we are teaming up with The Red Lantern, a locally based meetup group of Asian film fans, for an event in the heart of San Francisco’s Japantown.  In our first film event, in what we’re hoping will be a regular series, we are proud to bring the ninja action film, The Legend of Kamui, to the VIZ Cinema on Friday, November 19th at 7:00pm.  Tickets will be $10 and will include a screening of the film as well as an after party with food and drinks and other goodies.

If you are on Facebook, here is an open invitation to the event.

About the film:

Born a ninja. Die a ninja.

The Legend of Kamui is a live-action adaptation of the best-selling manga by Sampei Shirato.  In 17th century Japan, disillusioned ninja Kamui finds himself on the run, in search of freedom. However, he discovers he’s being hunted by members of his former clan who want to assassinate him for the clan secrets that he possesses. When he finally settles down in a small fishing village, Kamui finds himself face to face with an old nemesis whom he must deal with along with the ninja hunting party who are hot on his trail.

The Legend of Kamui is a thrilling action movie starring some of the hottest talent in Japanese cinema today: Japan Academy Award winner Kenichi Matsuyama (Detroit Metal City, Death Note), Koyuki (The Last Samurai), Anna Tsuchiya (Kamikaze Girls), and Suzuka Ohgo (Memoirs of a Geisha). The film is directed by Yoichi Sai whose 2004 film Blood and Bones garnered four Japan Academy Awards.

The film will be shown in Japanese with English subtitles.