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Twilight Dinner DVD Out Soon On Pink Eiga

Pink Eiga is set to release Twilight Dinner (1998) on DVD, a pink film directed by Yutaka Ikejima (aka Mr. Pink, for his countless contributions to the pink film industry as both actor and director) and starring another pink film mainstay, Yumi Yoshiyuki.

Looking at the film’s box cover, you might get the idea from the title, font, color scheme, and half naked Japanese women (maybe not the latter) that the film is trying to do some pinku version of some teen vampire series that you may have heard of, but Pink Eiga’s synopsis of the film may have you thinking otherwise:

Kazuhiko leads a normal life until two beautiful sisters move into the apartment next door. He
falls for the younger sister, Mayako, but not before being seduced by the older sister,
Tsukiko. Soon Kazu has an insatiable hunger that he thinks is sexual, but might be something
deeper, darker and more feral..

Provocative, no?

The Twilight Dinner DVD will be in stores on October 14th, followed by a streaming release (presumably on Japan Flix) the following month.  For more detail about the film including pre-order inquiries, check out Pink Eiga’s Adults Only site.

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