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Trailer Thursday: Zinda (2005)

Finding a connection between Asian film and American Thanksgiving (which is today, as of this posting) is like finding the connection between rocks and sunshine, but here goes with this week’s Trailer Thursday!

There’s little that cinema nerds are more thankful for than when a Hollywood remake of film that is seemingly incongruous to what Tinseltown can produce on its own.  Asian film fans have especially been dreading the proposed remake of Chan-Wook Park’s 2003 meditation on revenge, Old Boy.  Nearly everything seemed wrong about remaking a an already high-quality film that had a non-traditional narrative, a Shakespeare-like tragic ending.  The wrongness just got amplified when names such as Steven Spielberg to Will Smith became associated with the production.  Questions arose such as what could Hollywood possibly do to exceed, let alone match, the original production.  And, speaking for international cinema fans everywhere, for fuck’s sake, can we Westerners just please learn to deal with subtitles?!

As this remake languishes (and eventually dies) in production Hell, the producers of Zinda, a Bollywood remake of Old Boy, snuck this under many noses.  Bollywood Old Boy?!  Does the Indian Oh Dae-Su do a song-and-dance routine to “Smile and the World Smiles With You.  Weep, and you weep alone”?!  Well, since I’ve yet to actually watch the film (which appears to be available on YouTube albeit with Italian subtitles), I’m not actually sure but I do know that this seemingly shot-for-shot remake looks better with Sanjay Dutt (Vaastav: The Reality, Mission Kashmir) in the Oh Dae-Su role than Will Smith ever would.

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