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Trailer Thursday: Lady Vengeance (2005)

Back after a week break which was used for some heavy podcast editing.  Initially my thought was to dedicate December Trailer Thursdays to holiday films, but Christmas films are not all that common in Asia.  But, films set in the winter!  There are certainly plenty of those which will be explored all this month, starting this week with Lady Vengeance.

Plainly put, the whole film seems mired in winter.  From the opening shot of Geum-Ja (Lee Yeong-Ae) leaving prison to her on-foot pursuit of the child killer Baek (Choi Min-Sik), there’s everything from lightly falling snow to boisterous blizzards.  Telling of how well director Park Chan-Wook shot the winter depicted in Lady Vengeance, in one scene, Geum-Ja has her leather coat is zipped up so high that it’s covering her half of her face and hard to tell whether that was for shooting or just practical purposes.

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