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Top Spin Documentary Kickstarter Fundraiser in San Jose, CA

Top Spin Kickstarter Launch Party

Battle Olympians and Support Indie Film!

The last interview I did before closed shop was with Mina T. Son, director of a wonderful short entitled ‘Making Noise in Silence’.  The short documentary focuses on two Deaf South Korean students attending the California School for the Deaf in Fremont California.  Since two of my cinematic interests are South Korean Cinema and portrayals of Deaf Culture, I was anxious to watch the short and interview Son.  The short didn’t disappoint, and I was further intrigued with Son’s future project when I asked her the obligatory ‘What are you working on now?’ question at the end.  A documentary on table tennis?!  I also have an interest in Sports films, especially sports that rarely show up on ESPN, so it’s like Son was reading my CV rather than I hers.

That documentary, Top Spin, isn’t finished yet because a few of the subjects followed within the doc have made the cut for the Olympics.  Which means Son and her co-director Sara Newens have made the cut as well.  On Wednesday June 20th 6:30-9:30pm, Son and Newens will be launching their Kickstarter funding at The Top Spin Table Tennis Club on 1150 Campbell Ave in San Jose, CA.  So if you can make it to help the project, you might be able to test your form against future Olympians while helping support independent cinema!

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