The Week Hong Sangsoo Arrives: The Third Day He Arrives

It’s kind of odd that I’m guest blogging on my own blog, but here goes.  For the third day of Adam Hartzell’s one week series on Hong Sangsoo’s The Day He Arrives here on VCinema, I dragged myself outside of my cave to an unusually sunny San Francisco to check out the film with Adam.  We tried to enhance the experience with Korean food and beer on the lower Fillmore, but found out that doing so only leads to stunts like impromptu podcasting sessions.

That’s right, instead of text musings on the film, we bring to you listeners a bonus episode of spontaneous conversation about The Day He Arrives including first time impressions, pointed (not pointy) observations, all to the accompaniment of San Francisco’s finest avant-garde kazoo players.


Direct link: Bonus Episode 10 – The Week Hong Sangsoo Arrives: The Second Day He Arrives.

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