The VCinema Show: October 2012 Pilot Episode

Don’t call it a comeback! Well, I guess you can sort of call it a comeback. During our two month break, we have rethought, reconsidered, re-recorded, and are now rebooting our flagship podcast, The VCinema Show.  The VCinema Show returns with a brand new format, changes in content, a slight reshuffle of co-hosts, even new theme music (courtesy of our pal Kemek – check out his SoundCloud page here). We are now a “magazine” style podcast with multiple segments that, much like our blog (, covers a broader range of Asia-related topics including film, culture, books, video games, and more!  Check out our show notes (with time stamps) under the download and subscription links for complete contents of this episode.

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00:00:00 – 00:18:16 Show intro: VCinema writer and podcast contributor Adam Hartzell and I get together to talk about the new format of the show.

00:18:26 – 00:39:48 Video game corner: regular co-host Josh and I talk about one of Square Enix’s latest video games, Sleeping Dogs, an open-world game set in modern day Hong Kong that has more than its share of film references.

00:40:00 – 00:52:14 Love Me Not part one: Adam and I return on the scene, recording in San Francisco’s Japantown, scene of the San Francisco Film Society’s annual Hong Kong Cinema series.  In particular, we talk about Love Me Not, a romantic-comedy with a twist (or two).

00:52:23 – 00:59:10 Oily Guide’s Maniac to Tokyo: I return to the comfort of the VCinema studio to talk with Jay aka The Oily Maniac about his upcoming podcast Oily Guide’s Maniac to Tokyo, which will be a brand new addition to the VCinema family.

00:59:22 – 01:15:42 DVD corner: regular co-host Stan and I talk about the latest releases from distributor CJ Entertainment.  This is the first of a multi-part look at this Korean film distributor and their forays into the western film market.

01:15:53 – 01:45:04 Love Me Not part two: Back to the San Francisco Film Society’s Hong Kong Cinema series, Adam and I talk to Love Me Not director Gilitte Pik-Chi Leung about her debut feature film.

01:45:16 – 01:52:52 Adam and I round off the show with a sneak peek of next month’s episode of The VCinema Show.