The VCinema Show: November 2012

The site redesign is still a couple of days out, but the November episode of the VCinema Show is just seconds away from tantalizing your listening buds.

In this episode:

00:00:00 – 00:20:33  Adam and Jon intro the show and talk about our experiences celebrating the holidays abroad

00:20:42 – 00:23:59  PSA for the upcoming film Wedding Palace

00:24:07 – 00:54:26  Josh and Jon talk about the cult Japanese hit TV show Game Center CX (aka Retro Game Master)

00:54:35 – 01:23:12   Adam and Jon return to talk about animator Makoto Shinkai’s latest film Children Who Chase Lost Voices (From Down Below)

01:23:21 – 01:46:49   Stan and Jon continue on to part two of our feature on the South Korean film distributor CJ Entertainment.

01:46:58 – 02:14:11   Adam and Jon start part 1 of the VCinema Book Exchange with a look at Ulf Meyer’s Architecture Guide Tokyo

02:14:19 – 02:23:30  Adam and Jon wrap up the episode with a peek at next month’s episode as well as other things coming soon on VCinema.

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