The VCinema Show Episode 45: Tokyo Drifter

In this episode, we review Seijun Suzuki’s 1966 gangster pastiche Tokyo Drifter and talk about his famous run-in with Nikkatsu around the time.  To keep with the theme, we have our own UK drifter,  VCinema blog lead writer John “Boom Boom” Berra, traipse into the studio for a summer visit away from his post in China.  We talk about John’s stay in China, our homebrewed controversies involving the country of Taiwan (which you can also read about here:, NYAFF and Japan Cuts and a whole lot more.

And, speaking of summer, The VCinema Show will be taking its own summer vacation for a couple of months.  We will, however, be back in the fall so keep you eyes on the blog for coverage of cinema from around Asia.


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