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The VCinema Show Episode 41: Project A

Yo ho, yo ho!  A pirate’s life for me!  The VCinema is back from sailing the seven seas of Asian film to bring you a tale of a wee man from the Fragrant Harbor who kicked, punched, and threw himself off clock towers from precarious heights into the hearts of the world.  That’s right, this episode we talk about Jackie Chan and the film that essentially put him on the map, 1983’s Project A.

And we couldn’t have a better person to captain our cinematic ship than special guest Ric Meyers!  Ric is an author, actor, commentator, former columnist at Inside Kung Fu and Asian Cult Cinema magazines and was one of the first proponents of martial arts cinema in the West.  Ric stopped by to talk about his latest projects, Films of Fury: The Kung Fu Movie Book and Films of Fury: The Kung Fu Movie Movie as well as For One Week Only: The World of Exploitation Films.  Ric also regales our Project A review with plenty of interesting stories, tidbits, and reminisces.

Also included in this episode is talk about Koji Wakamatsu’s latest film Petrel Hotel Blue, Wen Jiang’s Let the Bullets Fly, and more!


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  1. venoms5
    27 March, 2012

    Interesting. Not sure who this “secret hater” is supposed to be, but the Obama of Martial arts Cinema actually tells the truth and is accurate about one thing. His work certainly speaks for itself! It isn’t about hating on anybody, it’s about spreading accurate information and not blatantly making shit up out of the blue. It’s also terribly condescending to both the genre and the fans when you have somebody–who used to work/make shit up for Weekly World News, by the way–who still repeats the same crap some 30 years later, still doesn’t know the difference between Cantonese and Mandarin after all these years (look at page 11 of his new book for gods sake. Nearly half a page is his mixing up both these dialects), to making racist comments about the very films and technicians he proposes to champion, then turn around and pin the racist tail on the American donkey. 

    He says “take it to the work”. Well, it WAS taken to the work and this “secret hater”, who is nothing of the sort, listed dozens upon dozens of his monumental fuck ups. And I don’t see how exhaustion from doing three Gordon Lu-wee (Ric’s pronunciation) “commentaries” accounts for claiming Asian filmmakers are illiterate, don’t write scripts (99.9% as he puts it) and that Gordon Lu-wee had THE ULTIMATE WARRIOR (1975) taken away from him when HE WASN’T EVEN A STAR IN HK YET! AND STILL HAD A HEAD FULL OF HAIR! Apparently, this is where this imaginary story stems from is that both men had bald heads, although Lu-wee didn’t shave his head till shooting began on 36 CHAMBERS. I have the photo of that, too. That’s just three of the things he excretes on those tracks, but the worst is for INHERITOR OF KUNG FU.

    How the hell can you be a “leading authority” and yet you do commentary for the wrong damn movie?! If he’d of been paying attention to the damn credits instead of babbling about how great he is, he would have seen who wrote and directed the movie. Not only that, but he doesn’t know who certain people are, or just outright gives a random name to somebody. And then there’s the persistent bile spewed at the Shaw Brothers and how they didn’t want their films to be big overseas. More crap.

    Also, it isn’t about “How many books have you written.” This guy has obviously written several and fucked them all up and still gets away with it; and has the nerve to say others don’t know what they’re talking about?! It’s about treating the subject with some class and doing some damn research if you care so much about it. I guess since these are obscure Asian movies, who will know the difference, right? Also, this isn’t just one guy “hating his commentaries”, it’s many people, and not just these useless commentaries. Ric also has his “facts” turned around regarding Japanese history wherein he seems to mix fantasy with reality.

    Get your shit right, Ric, and maybe nobody would “hate” you. I don’t hate you as I don’t know you. However, I can’t speak for the numerous others out there. What I do hate is ignorance and you’re full of that and try to make out like nobody knows Fu but you and in reality, you know very little about it aside from what you dream up in your head. Stop being a walking double standard and a talking contradiction. Also, it might help to get better proofreaders for your next book which I am sure “fans” are anticipating with bated breath. 

    • Joe
      30 March, 2012

       phantom strikes

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