The VCinema Show: A Conversation with Patrick Wang

On Wednesday December 5th, I had the opportunity to interview Patrick Wang, the director, writer, and lead actor of In The Family (USA, 2012), a film about a gay couple and the child custody battle that follows in the wake of the death of one of the fathers.  It’s a lovely, patient, film about shifting family dynamics that result from a shock to an otherwise well-working system.   You can check the website to see when it might be screening at a theatre near you here.  As for San Francisco Bay Area folks, it opened at the Opera Plaza on Friday Dec 7th and moves to the Roxie Cinema for single screenings on Friday December 14th, 16th, and 20th.  Those in the South Bay don’t need to come north because it opens at the Camera Cinemas in San Jose on Dec. 14th as well.

(You’ll notice that, in my intro, I pronounce Patrick’s last name incorrectly, which he corrects at the beginning of the interview.  He pronounces his last name to rhyme with ‘bang’, not ‘bong’. )

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