The VCinema Show: A Conversation with GOLDEN SLUMBERS Director Davy Chou

golden-slumbers-posterHey folks.  Busy January schedules have led to us not having the time to record a new episode of The VCinema Show.  However, fear not, because our own Adam Hartzell was able to catch up with French-Cambodian director Davy Chou, who was screening his documentary Golden Slumbers at the 6th San Joaquin International Film Festival in Stockton, CA.

Despite the fact that it has screened twice in the Bay Area, I have yet to see the film, but its subject of lost cinema, in this case that of pre-Khmer Rouge Cambodian film, certainly fascinates me.  That I missed both being able to see the film again and talk to Davy was a big disappointment, but Adam was able to do both and it’s our pleasure to be able to bring you this podcast interview! For those of you who prefer to read interviews, a transcript will be released soon so stay tuned!

Finally, thanks to Davy for participating especially since arrangements were made on such short notice.

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Download link (right click or CTRL-click and “save as..”): A VCinema Conversation with Davy Chou

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