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The Japanese remake of Ghost has a trailer!

We all know that Hollywood has been on a tear of remaking everything over the past decade. The Ring, The Grudge and A Tale of Two Sisters have all seen remakes. Hollywood can not stand subtitles. This is a well known fact as the majority of studio-heads are unable to read the English language and rely on broadly drawn coloring books in order to pick and choose what they green light. Kangaroo Jack was actually given the green light after an executive saw a “funny looking” Kangaroo on the back of his dollar-store purchased generic brand cereal. Regardless, it seems the Japanese are striking back by remaking a Hollywood movie! The immortal GHOST is being given the remake treatment and this time around the god amongst men named Patrick Swayze is actually being replaced with… a girl! I know, it is hard for me to wrap my head around as well.

With no propensity for the audience to be driven Swayze-Crazy this project seems ultimately doomed for failure, but who knows, maybe they’ll switch things up enough that the material can somehow remain fresh and relevant despite the very obvious changes toward the original film. Anyway, check out the trailer fresh from TWITCH FILM right after the break…


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