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The East Winds Festival Blows Into the UK

With our mild weather and still relatively laid back atmosphere, there are few places in the world that I’d rather live than the San Francisco Bay Area, but the United Kingdom is slowly becoming one of them.  This isn’t for the the weather nor atmosphere nor the ale and fish and chip binges I’d find myself undertaking, but for the great Asian film community that has developed in that area in recent decades.  This not only has to do with the burgeoning native Asian population there, but also the grassroots film communities that have seemingly popped up all over the state: Eastern Heroes, Midnight Eye, Zipangu, and the brand new East Winds Festival.

East Winds: A Third Window Film Festival is a collaboration between the prolific UK-based Asian film distributor Third Window Films and our our affiliates, The Coventry University East Asian Film Society which will take place from February 11th -13th, 2011 at the Warwick Arts Centre.

Not surprisingly, the screenings will center around past and recent Third Window releases including several of their latest acquisitions, Oscar-selected Confessions (2010), provocateur Sion Sono’s latest, Cold Fish (2010), and my own personal selection for Asian film experience of 2010, Confessions of a Dog (2006) along with the UK Premiere of The Message (2009).  Kick the Moon (2001) and Memories of Matsuko (2006, pictured below) are older favorites from the Third Window catalog which will be screened.  Special guests include Confessions of a Dog director Gen Takahashi, The Message co-director Qunshu Gao, and Memories of Matsuko composer Gabriele Roberto.

When asked about the goals of the festival, Third Window owner, Adam Torel, stated:

Our goal is to raise awareness of Asian cinema to a university crowd who might normally not have much chance to catch Asian cinema on the big screen. With a 220-seater cinema, cheap ticket prices and a variety of films from all over Asia being shown, Third Window Films and CUEAFS hope you can all enjoy a new type of cinema and let us help you explore a window to the East!

For more information on the East Winds festival or to purchase tickets to screenings, make like the wind to the festival site here.

Coverage Notes:

Interview with Adam Torel of Third Window and a review of Confessions can be found in episode 14 of our podcast.

Third Window has been featured in our Label Conscious series here.

Our podcast review and discussion of Confessions of a Dog can be found here.

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