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In our haste to revamp VCinema we seem to have forgotten the world around us.  Birds are still chirping, people are still smiling, tapirs are still…well, doing whatever tapirs do, and DVDs are still coming out.

Tazza: The High Rollers, an aces-high South Korean thriller directed by Choi Dong-hoon (The Thieves) is out on DVD now courtesy of 5 Points Pictures.  The film, adapted from a comic, stars Cho Seung-woo (The Sword With No Name), Kim Hye-soo (The Thieves, Modern Boy), Baek Yoon-sik (The Taste of Money, The Big Swindle), Yoo Hae-jin (Moss, Public Enemy), and Kim Yun-seok (The Chaser, Punch) is a story about master gamblers (aka “tazza”):

After losing his entire savings in an illegal, backroom card game, Goni (Cho) discovers it was all a set up – he was swindled by professional gamblers. Enraged and desperate, he sets out to get his money back by any means necessary.

Impressed by the young man’s determination, veteran gambler Mr. Pyeong (Baek) takes Goni on as his apprentice and teaches him all there is to know about hwatu, a card game also known as “The War of Flowers.”

Now Goni is ready to make his debut in an underworld where the stakes are high and the rules are few: To win, you must be ruthless. The hand must be quicker than the eye. No game is safe. And there are no friends for life, just as there are no enemies for life.

Tazza: The High Rollers is a 2-disc special edition DVD which includes over two hours of bonus content centered around both the film and the comic it’s adapted from.

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