The Rib (China, 2018) [CVF 2019]

It is through the lens of independent filmmakers like Zhang Wei that we learn a lot about a country’s preoccupations, its neglect and politics towards its marginal citizens. This director has never shied away from […]

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Zhang Wei Tackles the Sensitive Issue of Autism with Destiny (China, 2016)

Destiny is the third feature by entrepreneur-turned-director Zhang Wei. Following the success of his previous film Factory Boss (2014), a tale of a sweatshop owner that won the Best Actor award at the Montreal World […]

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Factory Boss (China, 2014) [Asia House Film Festival 2016]

Set in the extended aftermath of the economic slowdown, Factory Boss focuses on the Dalin Toy Factory in Shenzhen, one of a mere hundred manufacturing enterprises that are still standing in a city that could ‘boast’ […]

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