Life, Death and Unfulfilled Desires: Teng Congcong on Send Me to the Clouds

Teng Congcong’s bittersweet debut feature Send Me to the Clouds is the latest in a welcome wave of films by female Chinese directors which includes Wang Lina’s A First Farewell (2018), Yang Mingming’s Girls Always […]

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Send Me to the Clouds (China, 2019)

There has been a rush of films of late about young Chinese women written and directed by young female directors, including Yang Mingming’s Girls Always Happy (2018) and Yang Lina’s Spring Tide (2019). Writer-director Teng […]

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Everybody’s Fine (China, 2016)

“Keeping a dog is like raising a child. Together, bored. Parted, missing.” The words of the widower, Guan Zhiguo (Zhang Guoli), the character at the center of Zhang Meng’s Everybody’s Fine, sum up the universal […]

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