Mrs. Fang (China, 2017) [CVF 2018]

Mrs. Fang presents Wang Bing’s empathic cinematic practice at its most intimate in the face of a subject at its most opaque, with ‘subject’ referring to both a thinking, living self and a topic/matter. The […]

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Ta’ang (China, 2016)

‘Better not to talk about, it’s so painful,’ says one Ta’ang woman at one point in Wang Bing’s most recent documentary about the Ta’ang ethnic group, local to a border zone between the Kokang region […]

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Bitter Money (China, 2016)

As with all of Wang Bing’s films, here one is faced with a strictly observational work. And with Wang, observational usually means immersed rather than detached or removed from the spaces and people that he […]

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Three Sisters (China, 2012)

The documentary films of Wang Bing present a veritable mosaic of peripheral, alienated perspectives across the various regions of China, from the northeast and northwest — where he shot his debut work West of the […]

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