Jinpa (China, 2018) [VIFF 2018]

Jinpa (played by actor/poet of the same name) drives a lorry along a Tibetan plateau. He comes across like a truck-driving rock star, dressed in dusty leather clothes with a constantly present pair of shades. […]

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on Oct, 21 · in Reviews

People’s Republic of Desire (China/USA, 2018) [VIFF 2018]

We are slowly migrating closer to a Summer Wars-meets-Black Mirror sense of reality, where the online spheres of existence make up for the shortcomings of the physical. Connected to an interdimensional digital universe is a […]

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on Oct, 07 · in Reviews

The Third Wife (Vietnam, 2018) [VIFF 2018]

Ash Mayfair brings Vietnamese cinema to the world stage with her striking feature debut The Third Wife. While the nuances of 19th century Vietnam culture might not be fully appreciated by most viewers (myself included), […]

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on Oct, 06 · in Reviews

When the Storm Fades (Canada/Philippines, 2018) [VIFF 2018]

The ‘storm’ referred to in the title of activist-comedian Sean Devlin’s crowdfunded film is Typhoon Haiyan, or Super Typhoon Yolanda, the strongest tropical cyclone recorded in recent decades that occurred in November 2013. Most severely […]

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