Ala Changso (China, 2018)

It took me three days to finish Ala Changso, just because I could not stop pulling back the progress bar and seeing every long hand-hold take again and again so as to figured out and […]

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Seventy-Seven Days (China, 2017)

Directed by and starring Zhao Hantang, Seventy-Seven Days is based on Yang Liusong’s semi-autobiographical 2011 novel Chang Tang, Super Wasteland, which tells an ambiguous story in Tibet involving lonely hiker Yang  Liusong and a hemiplegic […]

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Tharlo (China, 2015)

‘I know who I am, isn’t that enough?’ Tharlo (Shide Nyima) asks police chief Dorje at one point during the long conversation that opens Pema Tseden’s latest feature film. Their extended conversation, shot in one […]

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Kekexili: Mountain Patrol (China, 2004)

Lu Chuan’s second feature is based on the true story of the Kekexili Mountain Patrol that was active from 1993-1996. This ragtag group of armed civilians was formed to prevent the extinction of the endangered […]

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