The Admiral: Roaring Currents (South Korea, 2014)

It seems like New Korean Cinema came full circle this summer. Just as Shiri (1999) sank James Cameron’s Titanic (1997), so has The Admiral: Roaring Currents sent Cameron’s Avatar (2009) down a whirlpool, cresting over as the […]

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A Hard Day (South Korea, 2014)

A hard day leads to an increasingly rough week in this blistering crime thriller from writer-director Kim Seong-hun, who infuses his taut neo-noir plotting with a wicked streak of dark humor. It opens with beleaguered […]

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Commitment (South Korea, 2013) [Terracotta 2014]

In 2009, after his father, a North Korean spy, is thwarted from returning from his mission in the South, eighteen year old LI Myung-hoon (Choi Seung-hyun) and his younger sister Hye-in (Han Ye-ri) are put […]

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YAK Films, Hip Hop, And Public Space in South Korea

When I finally went to South Korea in 2005 to attend the Pusan International Film Festival, (when the festival still spelled the city with a ‘P’), I was struck by the public culture.  As a […]

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