Vampire Bride (Japan, 1960) [Into the Shintoho Mind Warp]

Fujiko (Junko Ikeuchi) is a dance student on the verge of stardom, having been awarded a lucrative contract from a major film studio.  She is a beautiful girl who has also attracted the attentions of […]

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Flesh Pier (Japan, 1958) [Into the Shintoho Mind Warp]

Director Teruo Ishii, who is probably best known for The Horrors of Malformed Men (1969), shot the bulk of outdoor scenes of Flesh Pier in a guerilla style—no permits and on the fly.  Taking place […]

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Japan Society celebrates the Guns, Girls & Ghosts of Shintoho

Each year, the Globus Film Series at the Japan Society in New York provides an opportunity for aficionados and newcomers alike to immerse themselves in a particular area of Japanese cinema, with the season curated […]

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