First Night Nerves (China/Hong Kong, 2018) [CVF 2019]

First Night Nerves finds internationally renowned Hong Kong auteur Stanley Kwan returning to the director’s chair following an extended hiatus. Perhaps in a calculated effort to undercut expectations that he will once again scale the […]

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on Apr, 28 · in Reviews

Love Contractually (China, 2017): Average is Useful

We ask a lot of questions when watching movies. Some can help us understand characters’ motivations, different ones could question where the story is going and sometimes we catch ourselves asking “When is it going […]

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on May, 07 · in Features

Love on a Diet (Hong Kong, 2001)

This doesn’t happen as often anymore, but back in the early 2000s, Johnnie To would space out his highly stylized crime thrillers with crowd pleasing romantic comedies. In interviews, the Hong Kong filmmaker would often […]

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on Jan, 23 · in Reviews

Blind Detective (Hong Kong, 2013)

Johnnie To’s Blind Detective (2013) is  by no means a perfect film. It lacks the trademark grit and noir atmosphere of To’s earlier crime pictures and reeks of bad plotting. Yet with that said, if […]

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on Jan, 13 · in Reviews


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