Mishing (The Apparition) (India, 2018)

In Arunachal Pradesh, the northeastern-most state of India, the rural community of the Sherdukpen people believe that the spirits of the dead – or the almost-dead – can appear among the living and sometimes communicate […]

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on Mar, 23 · in Reviews

The Crossing (China, 2018)

Debut features rarely come more confident than The Crossing, which sees director Bai Xue telling the story of a rookie smuggler without breaking a sweat. Focusing on a shy teenager who is lured into using […]

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Afternoon Breezes (Japan, 1980) [OAFF 2019]

Those who attended the Osaka Asian Film Festival 2018 had the chance to see the latest work of Hitoshi Yazaki, Still Life of Memories. It seems Osaka has become a favourite place for the man […]

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Sayounara (Japan, 2018) [OAFF 2019]

Naturalistic acting, specifically using pastel colours and lovingly shot images of the sea are what dictate the ebb and flow of the drama in Yuho Ishibashi’s film Sayounara. Originally based on an SNS manga of […]

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