Master Z: The Ip Man Legacy (China/Hong Kong, 2018)

The title of the Donnie Yen-less Master Z: The Ip Man Legacy suggests a martial arts equivalent of The Bourne Legacy (2012), the almost forgotten effort to extend the Jason Bourne series without star Matt […]

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on Dec, 29 · in Reviews

Ala Changso (China, 2018)

It took me three days to finish Ala Changso, just because I could not stop pulling back the progress bar and seeing every long hand-hold take again and again so as to figured out and […]

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Ciao Ciao (China, 2017)

A young woman named Ciao Ciao returns from Guangzhou to her rural home in southern China. She has enjoyed a more sophisticated lifestyle, and now chafes against her parents and her former neighbors. With nothing […]

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The Song of the Tree (Kyrgyzstan, 2018)

Aibek Daiyirbekov’s debut feature The Song of the Tree, which premiered at this year’s Moscow International Film Festival, has been pitched as a musical, for better or for worse. Yes, the film contains songs and […]

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