Samurai Shifters (Japan, 2019) [JFTFP 2021]

‘Jidaigeki’, the Japanese period drama, has been a staple of that country’s screen culture since the foundation of narrative film. It typically covers the Edo period, which lasted from the 17th to the 19th century, […]

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on Feb, 18 · in Reviews

Miyamoto (Japan, 2019) [JFTFP 2021]

Other than good filmmaking, what makes a film especially satisfying? A good ending. Tetsuya Mariko’s Miyamoto starts with a good ending: a couple getting married. But more than this good ending, Miyamoto actually presents a […]

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on Feb, 17 · in Reviews

Not Quite Dead Yet (Japan, 2020) [JFTFP 2021]

They say, be careful what you wish for, especially when what you wish is someone else’s death. You might just get it, and that’s not good for anyone. That is the subject of Shinji Hamazaki’s […]

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on Feb, 16 · in Reviews

Haruka’s Pottery (Japan, 2019) [JFTFP 2021]

In the current time, with lockdowns, restriction and endless screen meetings, the impulse to make some radical choices and escape our day-to-day lives has increased. Suetsugu Naruhito’s manga adaptation Haruka’s Pottery is a vision of […]

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on Feb, 15 · in Reviews


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