Flying Colors (Japan, 2015)

Biographical films, especially ones that revolve around triumphs of the human spirit, can range from truly inspirational (The Pursuit of Happyness [2006]) to manipulative award-bait (The Blind Side [2009]) to unmitigated disasters (the agonizing Patch […]

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Nowhere Girl (Japan, 2015)

Mamoru Oshii has always been an enigmatic curiosity to me, particularly with regards to his live-action films. While he is best known for his animated works like Patlabor (1989), Ghost in the Shell (1995), its sequel Innocence […]

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Little Brother & Stranger (both Kazakhstan, 2015) [Asia House Film Festival 2016]

I was confused as I started to watch Yermak Tursunov’s Little Brother/Kenzhe. I thought it was the other Kazakh Little Brother, Serik Aprymov’s Little Brother/Bayur (2014) that won a few prizes on the festival circuit […]

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Poison Berry In My Brain (Japan, 2015)

Before I start talking about the movie – and its similarities to Pixar’s hit Inside Out (2015) – let me discuss the main actress, Yoko Maki. Considering that she is in the unfortunate position of being […]

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