Dawn of the Felines (Japan, 2016) (NYAFF 2017)

Kazuya Shiraishi’s Dawn of the Felines is not a cat zombie film but a melancholic entry in the Roman porno reboot series that provides a look into the lives of three stranded women, whom we […]

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Aroused by Gymnopedies (Japan, 2016) (NYAFF 2017)

Aroused by Gymnopedies is an entry in the Roman Porno reboot series which also includes Sion Sono’s Anti-Porno (2016), Akihiko Shiota’s Wet Woman in the Wind (2016), Kazuya Shiraishi’s Dawn of the Felines (2016), and Hideo Nakata’s White […]

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Japanese Girls Never Die (Japan, 2016) [NYAFF 2017]

Those who read my reviews will know that I am a huge fan of Japanese actress Yu Aoi. Ever since I saw her in Hana and Alice (2004), I have been a great admirer of her […]

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Suffering of Ninko (Japan, 2016) [NYAFF 2017]

Seeing someone suffer is rarely fun but this film all about a Buddhist priest who is cursed to be sexually irresistible to all around him is sure to amuse audiences. Ninko (Masato Tsujioka) is a […]

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