Tampopo (Japan, 1985) [NYAFF Winter Showcase 2020]

Juzo Itami’s Tampopois a Japanese comedy film about the art of making a perfect bowl of ramen, but it also contains subversive elements that make it extra palatable to the taste of the mass audience. […]

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on Feb, 14 · in Reviews

The First Supper (Japan, 2019) [NYAFF Winter Showcase 2020]

The first feature by writer/director Shiro Tokiwa, The First Supper tells the story of a family that has gathered for the funeral of their patriarch, Hitoshi (Masatoshi Nagase), who has died of a terminal illness. […]

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on Feb, 13 · in Reviews

Eat Drink Man Woman (Taiwan, 1994) [NYAFF Winter Showcase 2020]

Ang Lee’s exquisite 1994 film, Eat Drink Man Woman is the third entry into what’s retrospectively referred to as the “Father Knows Best” trilogy, preceded by Pushing Hands (1991) and The Wedding Banquet (1993). It […]

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Extreme Job (South Korea, 2019) [NYAFF Winter Showcase 2020]

An early scene in Extreme Job finds the young daughter of beleaguered narcotics cop Captain Go (Ryu Seung-ryong) expressing her love of fried chicken on the basis that it is food for common people. Indeed, […]

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