A Family Tour (Taiwan/Singapore/Malaysia, 2018) [CVF 2019]

China may be surging far ahead of its competitive rivals with its mushrooming economy and erupting middle class but the country still rules over its citizens with an iron fist. A multitude of human rights […]

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on Apr, 27 · in Reviews

Girls Always Happy (China, 2018) [VIFF 2018]

Girls Always Happy is a witty and refreshing melodramatic comedy that takes an intimate look at the co-dependent lives of a mother and daughter living in a back alley hutong of today’s urban Beijing. The […]

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on Oct, 04 · in Reviews

The Nightmarish Reality of Procedure in Old Stone (China, 2016)

The humane and the procedural In Johnny Ma’s debut feature, long-time taxi driver Lao Ma (Chen Gang) – known commonly as ‘Lao Shi’ (‘old stone’) – is both a witness and active social actor in […]

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