Dead Kids (Philippines, 2019)

If anything, there’s nothing dead about Dead Kids. This new feature by Mikhail Red sure is quite lively. Perhaps way too lively. Dead Kids is quite ambitious: it tries to be a lot of things, […]

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on Dec, 09 · in Reviews

Eerie (Philippines, 2019)

Star Cinema’s Eerie, directed by Mikhail Red, is, no doubt, quite an addition to Filipino horror. It delivers what one expects from the genre reasonably well – scares, darkness, ghosts. But it suffers a little […]

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on Apr, 04 · in Reviews

Neomanila (Philippines, 2017) [NYAFF 2018]

Mikhail Red’s third feature Neomanila follows Toto (Timothy Castillo), an orphan living on the streets of Manila after his older brother is arrested for drug-related crimes. After Toto’s brother is killed, he is taken in […]

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on Jul, 04 · in Reviews

Rekorder (Philippines, 2013)

Kicking off with a startling montage of CCTV footage of violent crimes committed in Manila’s public spaces, it’s immediately clear that Mikhail Red’s first feature is concerned with exploring how today’s society is meditated to […]

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on Apr, 28 · in Reviews


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