A Witness Out of the Blue (Hong Kong, 2019) [Focus Hong Kong 2021]

A Witness Out of the Blue finds prolific star Louis Koo within his wheelhouse as a legendary criminal who ends up on the run after a robbery goes awry. However, writer-director Fung Chih-chiang has peppered […]

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on Feb, 07 · in Reviews

Enter the Fat Dragon (Hong Kong, 2020)

In the vein of Love on a Diet (2001) and Running on Karma (2003), Donnie Yen’s latest vehicle Enter the Fat Dragon is yet another example of a Hong Kong star donning a transformative body […]

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on Feb, 26 · in Reviews

Keeper of Darkness (Hong Kong, 2015) [NYAFF 2016]

Hong Kong films have been gradually losing their identity in recent years. Once filled with crime, horror and social commentary, they have become diluted to the point of no significance. One of the main reasons […]

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