Confession of Murder (South Korea, 2013) [NYAFF FILM REVIEW]

Sitting down to write a review of Confession of Murder should be a relatively easy thing to do. It’s a film that packs together some absolutely incredible action sequences, some easy-to-decipher social commentary, and plenty […]

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on Jul, 03 · in Reviews

YAK Films, Hip Hop, And Public Space in South Korea

When I finally went to South Korea in 2005 to attend the Pusan International Film Festival, (when the festival still spelled the city with a ‘P’), I was struck by the public culture.  As a […]

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on May, 10 · in Features

56th San Francisco International Film Festival Preview – Asian Cinema

The cornucopia of cinematic delight that is the San Francisco International Film Festival is here again. Bouncing back and forth from Berkeley to San Francisco from April 25-May 9, the oldest continuously running film festival […]

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My Dear Enemy (South Korea, 2008)

If money problems can force people apart, they can also bring them together again. At least that is the premise of Lee Yoon-ki‘s My Dear Enemy, a low-key romance that uses the collection of an […]

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