Family Romance, LLC (USA/Japan 2019)

What is the price of romance? What is it worth to those who are selling it, and those who are buying it? That is the central question in Werner Herzog’s latest film, Family Romance, LLC, […]

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on Jul, 25 · in Reviews

An Ant Strikes Back (Japan, 2019) [Nippon Connection ONLINE]

Tsuchiya Tokachi’s latest documentary work begins with startling details: from 2006 to 2017, it relates in captions, the staggering figure of more than five thousand people died of karoshi, or death due to overwork, in Japan. […]

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on Jun, 05 · in Reviews

Cry (Japan, 2019)

There is a base materiality to Hirobumi Watanabe’s Cry, the story of a pig handler (played by the director himself) is told in circles: He eats breakfast with his elderly mother. He walks through a […]

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Zero (Japan/USA, 2020)

Zero, or Observational Film #9 Seishin 0, is New York based Japanese documentary filmmaker Kazuhiro Soda’s follow up to his 2008 film Observational Film #2 Mental. Soda pre-signs every film he makes with ‘Observational Film […]

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on Apr, 26 · in Reviews


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