Suburban Birds (China, 2018)

Qiu Sheng’s debut feature Suburban Birds is a low-key but fascinating work. At first it appears to fall in line as yet another naturalistic urban character drama; the kind that tends to be liberally scattered […]

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on Jul, 01 · in Reviews

Lush Reeds (China, 2018) [VIFF 2018]

A socially conscious journalist ventures out from the metropolitan center to pursue a human rights story only to dig deeper into herself in Yang Yishu’s second narrative feature. Pivoted on a quietly riveting performance from […]

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on Sep, 30 · in Reviews

Apolitical Romance (Taiwan, 2013) [NYAFF 2014]

A pleasing romantic-comedy peppered with cultural tension, Apolitical Romance wastes little time in getting to the ‘meet cute’ that is necessary for its central dynamic. Yu-Cheng (Bryan Chang Shu-hao) is a mid-level Taipei tourist board […]

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