Xiao Mei (Taiwan, 2018) [SDAFF 2018]

Early in Maren Hwang’s debut feature Xiao Mei, a few facts are firmly established concerning its title character – she’s a young drifter with few friends who works at a clothing store and is saddled […]

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on Nov, 09 · in Reviews

Observing the Absurdity: An Interview with Huang Hsin-yao

For his feature-length debut, Taiwanese filmmaker Huang Hsin-yao adapted his 2014 short film The Great Buddha – hence the feature’s cheeky title of The Great Buddha+ (2017), in the vein of corporate product naming. Prior […]

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on Apr, 18 · in Interviews

The Great Buddha+ (Taiwan, 2017) – Screened Lives, and Screening Power/Play/Pleasure [New Directors/New Films 2018]

From the opening credits of his debut feature, filmmaker Huang Hsin-yao establishes his film’s atypical, tongue-in-cheek perspective and approach to his characters and what they experience/do in the course of the film. Adopting the first-person, […]

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