The Woman Who Ran (South Korea, 2020) [SDAFF 2020]

The Woman Who Ran presents the significant details of being Hong Sang-soo’s twenty-fourth film in twenty-four years, which is certainly a feat for any filmmaker, established or aspiring. Yet just as important is the fact […]

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Yourself and Yours (South Korea, 2016)

A youngish couple, Yeong-soo (Kim Joo-hyuk) and Min-jeong (Lee Yoo-young), are resting in bed, discussing her do’s and don’ts. After going in rounds about the same issues, they decide to take a break in their relationship. The […]

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Hill of Freedom (South Korea, 2014)

Long-term admirers of minimalist auteur Hong Sang-soo won’t be particularly surprised to learn that the title of Hill of Freedom refers not to a solemn historical landmark but a back alley Seoul coffee shop which becomes an […]

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Hotel by the River (South Korea/France, 2018) [AFI FEST 2018]

Seasons, as self-evident as the point may be, heavily accent the experiences and encounters that can take place between people and the spaces in which they occur, not to mention the feelings and emotions that […]

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