Love and Other Cults (Japan, 2017)

Here is the weirdest thing happens in Eiji Uchida’s latest feature Love and Other Cults. Three teenage boys have called a telephone number that was scrawled onto a bathroom wall and are expecting a young […]

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on Mar, 11 · in Reviews

Lowlife Love (Japan, 2015)

An early scene in Eiji Uchida’s determinedly scuzzy indie filmmaking satire Lowlife Love illustrates the rivalries, naked opportunism, and painfully transparent ploys to maintain status that are sadly characteristic of the industrial fringes. At a restaurant, floundering […]

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on Nov, 30 · in Reviews

Greatful Dead (Japan, 2013)

The anti-heroine of Eiji Uchida’s black comedy Greatful Dead is not your average cinematic outsider. A perpetually upbeat yet consciously isolated urbanite, Nami (Kumi Takiuchi) has never come to terms with a traumatic childhood that […]

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