Breathless Animals (China, 2019)

Dreams are the memories of another life – or so the saying goes, whatever that may mean. If one could identify a subject for Lei Lei’s latest feature-length documentary, Breathless Animals, it would be the […]

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on Jun, 29 · in Reviews

This Shaking Keeps Me Steady (Pakistan/USA, 2018)

What do people who deal with death in their daily lives dream about? Shehrezad Maher explores the answer to this question in her documentary This Shaking Keeps Me Steady. She takes us on a roller […]

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on Jun, 12 · in Reviews

An Ant Strikes Back (Japan, 2019) [Nippon Connection ONLINE]

Tsuchiya Tokachi’s latest documentary work begins with startling details: from 2006 to 2017, it relates in captions, the staggering figure of more than five thousand people died of karoshi, or death due to overwork, in Japan. […]

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on Jun, 05 · in Reviews

Book-Paper-Scissors (Japan, 2019) [Nippon Connection ONLINE]

Writer-director Nanako Hirose’s reputation precedes her as she began her career assisting renowned Japanese filmmakers Hirokazu Kore-eda and Miwa Nishikawa. Her directorial debut His Lost Name (2018) does indeed thematically belong to the world of Kore-eda’s and […]

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